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Gezien van de Riet. Everything! Everywhere!

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Authors: Gezien van de Riet and Nicolien Mizee
80 pages, about 90 illustrations, hard cover
Editor: Van Spijk ArtBooks
ISBN: 978-90-6216-860-6
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‘Gezien van de Riet is an exceptionally gifted, motivated artist. Her relationship to nature in all its appearances is remarkable. The love with which she depicts these appearances in her paintings excites a special feeling of happiness in the beholder.’

Ernst van de Wetering, foremost international Rembrandt authority.

Who has seen Gezien van de Riet’s trees, will discover them for oneself. ‘Hey, a Gezien tree!’ Nature is her source of inspiration, she also likes to paint the human figure. She has developed a technique of her own with distemper and oil paint. She draws all the world. She writes about art, ‘the own character’, beauty, the artistic profession, observation, beyond matters of taste. Emotion is key.

She graduated in Sociology at the University of Amsterdam, with a minor in Art History, and she attended the Escuela de Bellas Artes in La Paz, Bolivia. Her first book appeared in 2008: Gezien van de Riet, In ’t leven vindtment al (In Life One Finds All).

Nicolien Mizee, an author known for her books Moord op de moestuin (Murder at the Allotment) and Faxen aan Ger (Faxes to Ger), humorously recounts their first meetings at model drawing in the nineties of the last century. Her story enriches written art history and throws a light on this less well known painters practice.

This is a book for tree lovers, nature lovers, and art lovers, for painters and drawers, students and art historians.

Gezien van de Riet. Alles! Overal!
English translation of the complete text
COVER BOEK gezien van de riet
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19  November
Den Haag, Kunstzaal van Heijningen, om 16.00 uur.
Interview met Gezien van de Riet door Leo van Heijningen.
Eerste exemplaar wordt overhandigd aan Nicolien Mizee, bekend van Moord in de moestuin en Faxen aan Ger.

21 November
Castricum, boekhandel Laan, om 20.00 uur
Interview met Gezien van de Riet, over ‘Alles! Overal!’ en met Nicolien Mizee over ‘Het Paradijs.’

Schilderij Olijfboom in Spanje door GezienvandeRiet
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